Cleanbake – The revolution in the bakery

Cleanbake offers proofing cloths with revolutionary features for the application in bakeries. The cotton, polyester and mixed fabrics are equipped with finishes guaranteeing the bacteriostatic function as well as non-sticking features.

Due to the special kind of surface condition the dough pieces do not stick to the cloth, no flour dusting is needed that means there is no flour dust, no pneumoconiosis, no Baker’s Asthma. An innovative progress for healthy working conditions.

Fields of application:

  • Changeover and brining cloths
  • Cloths for conveyor belts or oven setters
  • Cloths for deck oven setters
  • Cloths for proofing baskets
  • Cloths for proofing chambers
  • fluidising fabrics, filter and other technical textiles

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