Non-stick coated,


Our cloth with pearling effect is non-stick coated, cost-efficient and clean. In addition, it is ideal for use as part of a HACCP concept for hygienic preparation of foodstuffs. All CLEANBAKE cloths are anti-microbial, bacteriostatic and non-stick. They stay clean longer and dough does not stick to the cloth.

Further advantages of our products:  

  • inhibition of rot and mildew
  • coating with pearling effect
  • water and oil repellent
  • no flour dusting necessary
  • reduced costs
  • increased cleanliness during process
  • no baker’s asthma
  • low washing temperatures and extended useful life
  • food authenticity in compliance with Art. 31 LFGB (TÜV Rheinland)

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Natural pearling effect on CLEANBAKE products

CLEANBAKE technology applies a permanent natural pearling effect to textiles. This prevents dirt from collecting on the textiles, repels water and reduces mildew formation. Our technology is based on:

1. Solving problems

We help you fight the constant struggle against mildew and flour dust.

2. Professional expertise

We are always up to date regarding food industry regulation.

3. Optimisation

We continuously strive to optimise our textiles and HACCP concepts.

4. Transparency

We inform our customers on the agents we use.

5. Research

With our partners, we continuously search for technologies for the future of the baking sector.

6. Certification

Our processes and our techniques are certified by research and testing institutes.







Certificate & partners

Laboratory-proven effectiveness

The CLEANBAKE technique has been tested by acknowledged testing and research institutes. Its antimicrobial, bacteriostatic and non-stick effects have been verified in comprehensive tests.


The Research Group of the German Food Industry (FEI), in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich, has tested the non-stick properties.


RAS materials + technologies confirms CLEANBAKE’s antimicrobial properties.

TU München

The Technical University of Munich confirms that the dough does not stick to the CLEANBAKE cloth.

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